Thursday, 23 May 2013

Aussie Hair, Take The Heat, leave in cream. ♥

Hi guys!
In the last five to six months I found Aussie Hair products. Yes, I know I should hang my head in shame! 
I am now a Aussie Hair fanatic and cant get enough of there goodies!

I thought I would do a review on this as it's disappearing from shops, I cant find it anywhere apart from the internet, and it's sister product the spray has taken this little beauts place.

I'm a platinum blonde that needs up-keeping every couple of months, and on top of that I blow dry and straighten my poor hair everyday.
 In-between cuts I try to keep my hair as in good condition as I can. I don't use masks or oils, just a good moisturising shampoo and conditioner, at the moment V05 Nourish Me Truly with this miracle in a tube everyday!

This cream is thick and rich with an amazing smell, which lasts all day on the hair.
 This cream has Australian Jojoba-seed oil, which helps fend off frizz, protect against damage and adds shine to where ever your hair's most parched.

I de-tangle my hair, go straight into blow drying, then rub this cream into my hair working from the ends to the roots. I leave it to soak in for a few minutes and then brush through my hair ready for straightening. 
I've trying putting this in my hair before blow drying but I feel like it doesn't quite keep its strength up for straightening as well.
This makes my hair smooth, silky and soft, and a mega plus when a product hides away split ends until they get really bad!

I absolutely love this cream and I have my fingers crossed it doesn't disappear forever!


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Jelly Pong Pong, Fairy Lashes Mascara. ♥

Hi guys!

So I thought I would do a review about my latest favorite mascara!

I received this in my May Glossy Box and I got super excited when I seen the name 'Jelly pong pong'.Their website says...
This is not for the faint-hearted. Our first ever mascara is formulated to make eye lashes flutter & flap. Water-resistant, Fairy Lashes makes eyelashes thicker & curvier while allowing them to be spectacularly soft & light. A truly fabulous effect for the woman who wants to emphasize one deep, intense, seductive look. 
And it does exactly what it says! My lashes looked longer, thicker and curlier without making them hard and clumpy. The colour is an intense black and doesn't smudge. The box is lovely and pretty with the actual product packaging is a deep purple! Very girly! 
They say its waster resistant but it is very easy to get off. I use a sponge with some warm water, after a few wipes and its all off, no heavy rubbing needed. I've noticed it doesn't give me panda eyes like normal mascara when you take it off, this sticks together in clumps and just slides off.
You need to try it to see what I mean. Lol.The wand is a small plastic one with brizzles that coat every lash in this wonderful stuff!

Here's a picture to prove that this is an amazing product!

As you can see I like my lashes looking full, long and curly, and this does the job.
I will be purchasing this after I run out and will my mascara for a long time to come!

Thank you Jelly Pong Pong and you too Glossy Box for letting me try this!


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Glossy Box, May 2013. 2nd Birthday! ♥

Hi guys,
Glossy Box time again! :D This month I watched my favorite YouTuber Voussontbeauetbelle, Becca, show us her box so I had a sneaky peek at what was to come!
So, this month was Glossy Boxes 2nd Birthday, woop! 
We got a very pretty print on the tissue paper instead of the usual Glossy Box sign, a lovely neon pink ribbon and a orange ruffly bits instead of the usual black stuff that gets all over your fingers.  

JELLY PONG PONG, Fairy Lashes Mascara. I'm going to do a different blog post on this because I love it! :D

HEADLINE COLOURS, Poolside Party Nail polish in twisted silk. This limited edition polish boasts an ultra-high pigment level for rich, intense colour and gloss plus UV absorbers for staying power - less chipping, flaking and more importantly Headline Colours polishes are free of toxins.
 One can never have enough pink nail varnish! This colour is a lovely very pale pastel pink. You only need two coats as the first will fix the polish to the nail and the second will provide the opaque, glossy top coat. I really like this varnish, its quick to apply, lovely girly colour and it has lasted me a few days now. 
At £9 a pot I don't think I will be buying any. 

STONE BEAUTY, Body Lotion, scent Jasmine. This lotion not only soothes but leaves your skin silky soft and supple. With coconut oil and hydrating shea butter, a little goes a long way. Stone Beauty's products are hand made, are not tested on animals, and contain no preservatives, parabens or sulphates.
I'm not a body lotion fan but I did try this. For me this didn't have much of a scent, what I could smell it's not my cup of tea. I didn't notice a difference in how soft my skin was, so I was a bit disappointed. 

BEAUTIFUL MOVEMENTS COSMETICS, formerly known as BM Beauty, Prime and Create Mixing Medium
This new addition to former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt's range of beauty must-haves is a clear aloe vera based gel, which can be turned into a cream foundation, blush and eye shadow that 
work for all skin types. I've been using this as a primer, not very inventive I know, and I love it! My MAC foundation glides on effortlessly and flawless with this as a base. I might try this mixed in with my foundation to see what happens. Not much else to say on this. 

LA ROCHE-POSAY, Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Dry Touch Gel-Cream. Recommended by dermatologists the world over Anthelios is the ultimate go-to sun protection range for sensitive skin. Due to it ultra-high UVA/UVB protection, the Anthelios range helps to combat visible signs of skin ageing, What's more, it's innovative gel-cream formulations is immediately absorbed, leaving a dry touch finish - no shine, no white marks.
I'm not bothered about sun protection so I haven't tried this.

We all also received a pack of little pouch of Glossy Box nail files for an extra present. 
An other OK box, with the Mascara and nail varnish being the best products.
Lets see what next month brings!


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Glossy Box, April 2013. Pearl Lowe special. ♥

Hi there,
If you dont know what GlossyBox is it's a beauty box you can subscribe to monthly or pay for a three month, six month or yearly plan. They're £10 plus £2.95 postage. 
You get five products samples and sometimes full size pieces. 
This month GlossyBox has teamed up with Pearl Lowe, an English singer-songwriter turned fashion and textiles designer, to create this months amazingly pretty box pattern.

MODELCO, cheek and lip tint in rosey red. I'm not a fan of this type of products so I haven't got anything to say. I got a cheek and lip tint in a box last year and it's just sitting in my box unused as will this!

NIP+FAB, dry skin fix body butter pistachio sundae. This is a dry skin fix body butter. The smell is very sweet with a thick consistency. I have very dry hands at the moment, I put this on and instantly they feel very smooth and soft. The smell is nice but overpoweringly sweet. I'm not a big fan of body butters so I wont be trying this anywhere else but it will go in my hand bag! Great, an other thing to lug around. :p

ESSIE, nail varnish in the colour 38 nice is nice. I love this colour! I have a few pastel shades in my collection already and this one will be playing a big part in my life over the spring/summer. This is my first Essie product and I was a bit let down, its a bit watery to what I'm used to in a nail varnish, so a few coats will be a must. 

SUNSENSE, daily face SPF. A light, soft cream, tinted for a sheer matte finish. SPF 50+. I tried this today and it made my face very soft and warm looking as I'm quite pale but it made my skin look greasy and shiny, which I'm not a big fan of. This sample had one of them stupid twist lids on it and when I twisted it off the product kept coming out and I couldn't stop it so half of it went on a cloth and in the bin.

YVES ROCHER FRANCE, So Elixir Purple. LOVE LOVE LOVE!  This came in a tiny little bottle in a box instead of the little tubes in a bit of paper. This smells sweet, girly and lasts for ages. Cant wait to put this on again tomorrow! I may purchase this as it's pretty cheap as well! :p

So, overall an OK box. Lets see what next month brings.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Glossy Box Draws ♥

Hi there!
I know everyone and their mother has a blog on how to make these draws but I thought I could make a simpler version, I hope :p.
So all you need is three Glossy boxes, four lids, two or three ribbons from your boxes, tissue paper from your box, scissors, glue and probably a mat to do this on so you don't get the carpet sticky.
My white box is off March 2012 and the green box is off April 2012. 
You cant get these any more, so you might have different coloured boxes to me, not that it matters! :)

So, you have everything...

Take your three lids, choose what ones you're using for the sides and cut one long side off both them. 
The third lid we're going to use for the base, so you need to cut all four sides off.

So now, line up your side parts and the base. 
When you've got it right, spread some glue along both of the bottom short sides and place your base on them. You'll have to apply some pressure for it to stick good.

This bit gets a bit messy! 
If you want to add some tissue paper to neaten up the sides that you've cut, cut bits of tissue the same length of the end you want to cover, apply the glue to the tissue paper and stick. 
Repeat this to where ever else you want to put the tissue. 
Next, apply glue to the two top ledges where your forth lid will sit. 
You'll need to hold this in place for a few minutes so the lid will stay in place.

Now the draw handles... 
Make sure you have the box the right way up, you need the longer side and not upside down.
When you have it the right way up take two or three bits of the lids that you cut away and place them where you would like the ribbon handles to be, this will help you place them even if you want more than one.

So, when you've decided how many handles you want and where you want them, take your scissors and push them through the cardboard GENTLY, not all the way through, just enough that the ribbon will fit through.

When you have the ribbon through, tie a tight knot on the inside of the box so that when you pull on the ribbon it will not come through the hole. 
Repeat on the other draws.

And finally, 
once you've done all the above, slide your draws in place carefully and WALLAH!

Well done guys! 


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Ear Stretching. ❀


So, I know a few people that have their ears stretched and I think they look pretty good. I haven't seen that many people with them now so that's a plus.
I've done a lot of reading about it on the internet about it.
The slower the better or there's a risk of having a blow out, your ear splitting. OUCH!
Infections, yack!, but cleaning it everyday should reduce the chance of getting one and some peoples ears just don't stretch. So there's a few things to think about before I start.

I've would like to stretch my ears to 2mm or a max of 5mm.
Staying small means my ears should shrink back to normal giving time.
I have my ears pierced, firsts and seconds, but I'm not that good with pain, oops.

I haven't bought the stuff to do it just yet as I have a few busy weeks at work coming up and I would have to keep taking it out and by maybes when these weeks are over I might of changed my mind, haha, I kinda do that a lot.
I just fancy a bit of change, something different, and thought why not!
Have you stretched your ears? 
Got any gory stories about other peoples ears? 
I would love to hear!

Debbie x.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Concealer Headache! ♥

SOAP&GLORY Kick Ass Concealer, BENEFIT Erase Paste, E.L.F Zit Zapper, SOAP&GLORY Trick and Treatment. 


I thought I would do a little review about the collection of concealers I have accumulated lately and see what you think of them too.

1* SOAP&GLORY Kiss Ass Concealer: this has three stages in it, first one is a pink cream for under eyes, second is a yellow tone cream for blemishes and third is a power to set the concealers.
Well, I bought this after hearing nothing but good things about it. Ahha, what a tool I was. There is only one good thing about this concealer is that the stage two, yellow tone cream, is good for redness and that is about it. It doesn't last all that long either, but then again I work in a hot kitchen , so not much make up does.

2* BENEFIT Erase Paste: this was the very first concealer I bought. One of my friends recommended it after I was moaning about my dark circles under my eyes. I'm glad I bought this because this is the best I've tried. Although it goes a bit cakey and creases if you put to much on, it is very good! It hides my dark circles and redness pretty well and lasts most the day!

3* E.L.F Zip Zapper: the only reason I bought this is because E.L.F was having a 48% off everything sale and I wish I hadn't. Its totally useless and it makes my face a bit dry. Nothing else to say on this one.

4* SOAP&GLORY Trick and Treatment: I bought this to try something else for my dark circles as the Erase Paste wasn't working as well as it normally does, my dark circles must of been getting darker! This was an utter waste of money as well. It's runny and very yellow. It does nothing, even though it's apparently 'proven to combat dark circles', utter rubbish.

I also have a Dainty Dolls concealer on order so hopefully that will be better than some of these.
If anyone has any concealers to recommend let me know, I wont hold you responsible if it's rubbish :p.
And if you think this is any good let me know and I think I might carry on and do a foundation review. Thank you!

Debbie x.